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Tracking marketing generated revenue… cookieless

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Tracking marketing generated revenue… cookieless

Yann A. Skaalen

Yann A. Skaalen

3-4 min read

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The ability to see the revenue impact on our marketing activities and advertising spend, is necessary for any company, but it can be a challenge for those of us who have a “sales cycle” where the sales process happens offline between a prospect and our sales team. Why is connecting revenue with advertising spend important?

Not all leads end up as “sales” and not all leads are good leads.

We spend resources, time and money on lead generation, so knowing which part of the activities, campaigns, and ads, that delivers the growth in revenue and profit, is crucial, and will directly impact our profitable growth and speed of growth.

The conversion from lead to revenue will vary significantly from business to business, but let’s say it’s 10%. What if you knew which of the specific marketing activities that lead to your sales, and not just leads?

Knowing that would enable you to better answer the question of which part of your marketing budget actually contributes to growth, and it would help provide the path to scaling your business.

What our cookieless conversion tracking does for your revenue growth.

Digtective is cookieless which means that your tracking is no longer blocked by cookie consent banners, iOS 14.5 blocking cookies base tracking etc. It helps you associate a lead to any single advert or marketing activity.

The increasing measures for protecting data privacy, means that the current web analytics solutions are not able to provide us with data they are no longer receiving from the visitors device, as it’s blocked by iOS 14.5, cookie consent banners, privacy enhancing web browsers etc.

This means that the majority of our analytics data can not show us which ads deliver revenue and which are losing money … we have lost substantial control on our growth.

Track your revenue and profitability, not just leads

Tracking leads against your marketing activities and media spend is common, but if only e.g. 10% of leads generate a sale, it’s important to know which part is working.

Connecting your revenue data with your marketing data, via integration to your CRM system, helps you see, not just how many leads, but how much revenue your marketing activities and advertising generate.

This helps you to better control your marketing efficiency and deliver more revenue for your marketing budget.

Reduce your advertising cost and increase your revenue growth

Knowing which part of your marketing activities that deliver revenue and which does not, is a major step forward compared to measuring only against leads and it helps you

  • Reduce the wasted advertising cost of what doesn’t work
  • Reallocate the wasted advertising cost to those activities that deliver revenue
  • Save double digits in advertising spend, and increase your revenue growth.
See which ads drive your revenue and which lose money

Getting a comprehensive performance overview of your marketing efficiency is easy when you have connected your revenue with your advertising

See which ads lose money

With cookieless conversion tracking that tracks both your leads and revenue you will be able to see which ads contribute to the growth of your business, and get a view of where to focus your marketing efforts most effectively.

Move your wasted ad spend to profitable ads

Knowing which of your marketing costs and resources, that doesn’t deliver leads or revenue, you can confidently reallocate to the activities that generate growth.

All your digital marketing data in one place for easy reporting

With all your digital marketing data in one place it is easy to set up your automated reporting in Excel, Google Data Studio, or import it to your reporting visualization tool, and once place to pull data to your ad hoc reporting. No more manual data collection and “glueing” together data from different sources.

Get in touch

Whether you are a SaaS or Financial loan broker / lender, wanting to implement reliable cookieless conversion tracking, to gain critical insight to your path for profitable growth, we would be happy to help you out.

To get more details about our cookieless conversion tracking, visit our Cookieless conversion tracking for SaaS, Lenders & Loan Brokers, or get in touch here.


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