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Cookieless Tracking SaaS

SaaS Cookieless Tracking

Cookieless Conversion Tracking for SaaS

The conversion tracking and optimization solution your SaaS company needs to be more profitable and scale faster … in a cookieless world.

SaaS tracking and reporting that shows which of your marketing activities generate your leads, revenue and profit. Cut your wasted advertising by 20-50% and scale your revenue.

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digtective features server-side tracking

We Are Trusted by SaaS & Agencies

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We Will Help You Answer These Questions

What would it be worth in saved marketing effort and budget to know the answers to these questions?

Loan broker challenges we solve

Which of the Google and Facebook ads deliver customers below your CAC level, and which does not?

Which campaign, source and marketing content are the most cost effective in delivering the “trial” and “perfect fit” customers?

… and which is the source of the “bad fit”?

Which campaign, source and marketing content are responsible for your revenue (MRR, Upgrade, Churn etc.)?

Full Funnel Tracking Of Your Leads & Revenue

Digtective connects your lead and revenue data with your website and marketing sources, cookieless, to provide you with insight to your marketing efficiency.

As much as 30-50% of your conversion attribution data could be lost due to data privacy protection like iOS 14, cookie banners, ad blockers and more.

Know what the profitability of each source, campaign, and marketing asset, with your own first party data.

Now you can double down on what works and eliminate what doesn’t … with confidence.

  • Full tracking of your marketing conversion data, revenue, generated opportunities and revenue.
  • Full tracking of marketing profitability (revenue minus marketing spend).
Digtective server-side tracking and data integration platform
digtective ad spend dashboard

Reduce Your Wasted Ad Spend by 20-50%


With Digtective server-side tracking of all your marketing channels, you will know the profitability of all your campaigns, ads and marketing assets.

Easily spot the marketing channels, campaigns and content that is losing money, and which are profitable, in minutes.

Optimize or cut the losers, re-allocate the spend to profitable campaigns, and increase your profitability and rate of growth.

  • Attribution of “leads”, “pipeline status”, and “MRR” to any advertising channel or campaign.
  • Identify the advertising “winners” and “losers” in minutes.
  • Know your path for profitable and scalable growth.

Digtective is the only tool we need. The dashboard enables us to adjust ads and campaigns based on real-time ROI calculations. No more excel sheets with out-of-date information and guesswork.

– Vegard Stenberg CMO Uno Finans

Complete Tracking of OFFLINE Conversions


Digtective integrates with your CRM system to so you can connect your marketing and sales data. Now you know where your perfect-fit and poor-fit customers came from, the cost and profitability of your lead generation.

It’s crucial for SaaS to understand which marketing sources and campaigns that deliver the most profitable customers, and which results in churn or non-paying users.

Now you have end-to-end tracking of your marketing and sales process, without the need for piecing together marketing and revenue data. Now the marketing and revenue data is connected, in one place, and available for easy accurate full funnel reporting.

  • Full visibility of the offline conversions, and “revenue” impact of your marketing spend.
  • Know the source of your perfect-fit-customers and desired LTV, and the source of poor fit customers.

The only system that tracks leads 100% correct. Also well-suited for companies that sell services with long decision-making processes, and several steps between soft and hard conversions.

– Nina Hølke, CEO Ko & Co
Offline conversion tracking
Dashboard in Google Data Studio

Your Full Funnel Reporting In Minutes

Automated reporting or ad-hoc reporting is readily available to you

Stop spending hours and days on collecting data from your advertising platforms, sales data, or juggling marketing data integration tools, for your reporting. With everything in one place you can do your dashboard and ad hoc reporting in minutes.

All your marketing and revenue data in one place, for confident and reliable reporting across your organization.

  • Export data for reporting in Excel
  • Create your reporting in Google Data Studio
  • Import data to your datawarehouse.

Bank-Grade GDPR, CCPA, e-Privacy Compliant


Compliance means you have documented all the privacy data your are intentionally collecting from prospects and customers, but what about the unintended privacy data you are collecting?

Digtective does not collect any privacy data which means you have eliminated a major risk of non-compliance fees. Our legal audit is our guarantee.

We are extremely pleased with having Digger integrated with our CRM-system to access additional features of the digital marketing software that has already boosted the number of firm leads. Having solved our marketing-related GDPR issues at the same time is a great relief.

– Lard Darvall, CEO FineParts
GDPR CCPA e-Privacy Compliant Web Analytics - DIgtective

We Are Trusted by SaaS & Agencies

Ko og Co
Finepart Sweden