Eliminate wasted ad spend
using 100% accurate, cookieless tracking


Up to $100.000 in sales per month

Best plan if you are a small or medium sized business and need the best GDPR compliant conversion tracking tool to help you reach profitable growth.

Included in “Professional” plan

Up to 1000 sales / month

Unlimited active ads

Api to 1 CRM system (via api)

Connection to Google + Facebook

Connection to webserver

Data export to Excel and Google Data Studio

All marketing data in one place

5 Seats

1 domain

Support: Email


For large organizations

Best plan if you are a large business processing more than 1000 sales per month, and need best-in-class conversion tracking to sustain profitable growth.

Everything in “Professional” plus

Unlimited leads

Unlimited traffic

Unlimited active ads

Connect to multiple CRM

Unlimited seats

Unlimited domains

Quarterly reviews

Dedicated Success Manager

Support: Email + phone

Installation support

You will receive dedicated support to make sure you get up and running as fast as possible and documentation for how Digtective integrates to your:

Website, server-side (cookieless)

CRM system

Google and Facebook ad manager account

and how to tag your ads and marketing content so you are completely “cookieless”.

The time estimate for integration depends mainly on whether you are using a popular website platform like wordpress, and if the CRM system you use is Hubspot, Superoffice, or a customer developed system.

Your exact estimate for installation will be clear after you have booked a demo or contacted us.


How does it work?

The short answer is, Digtective’s server-side conversion tracking integrates directly to your webserver, ad platforms, and order management / CRM system. For a more in-depth view of the process see our How It Works page.

Is Digtective compliant with EU data protection & privacy regulations?

Yes, we are compliant with all regulations including GDPR, ePrivacy and CCPA.

Why use Digtective over ad platform analytics?

The recent privacy measures removed most of Big Tech’s ability to tie leads to marketing activities.​ Ad platforms do not have the capacity to tie everything together in order to get accurate data.

How long does is take to get Digtective set up?

Depending on your CRM system, the system can be up and running within a few minutes to a few hours. We will carefully take you through the entire process to set up your first campaigns.

Do you have a specific question or want to see a demo?


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