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Get Started With Digtective


Get Started With Digtective

With three easy connections, Digtective server-side conversion tracking integrates directly to your webserver, ad platforms, and order management / CRM system.

We help you with integration and ongoing support.

digtective cookieless tracking

How It Works

How it works


The visitor clicks your link, ad or does a search in a search engine.


The visitor arrives on your website and submits a form.


Via API to your webserver, Digtective gives the submitted form a secret id.


When the lead changes status in your CRM, an update is sent to Digtective.


Once the lead is converted, the sales data is sent from the CRM to Digtective, attributed to the ad / link to show ad spend, sales, and profit.

Connecting Your Data Sources

# 1
Connect Your Webserver

Insert our serverside script and our script for form submission.

# 2
Connect CRM

Ready-made plugin for HubSpot and SuperOffice on WordPress, and available API for other CMS.

Integration to Hubspot CRM
SuperOffice CRM
Core Banking System
Digtective Partner API

# 3
Connect Your Ad Platforms

Easy connection of your Facebook Ad Manager and Google Ads Account.

Integration to facebook ad manager
Integration to Google Ads
Digtective Partner API

All Your Data In ONE Place For Easy Ad Spend Optimization

Digtective will import all your marketing data, available in ONE place, ready for optimizing your ad spend, with one easy dashboard.

Monitoring of the effect of all digital marketing activities. One dashboard to cover all your channels, allowing you to spend time optimizing your campaigns and ad spending, rather than working on reports from multiple channels in excel.


Easy Reporting Across All Channels

Easy reporting that shows you all your channels. Get all your data in only one dashboard. Reports may be imported into your data warehouse for comparison with your KPIs and attribution models. Digtective has ready-made integration to Excel, Google Data studio, and our API can also connect to your data warehouse.

Dashboard in Google Data Studio

Dedicated Support Contact

After integration, we will carefully take you through your onboarding process to set up your first campaign and make sure you understand the simple process of tracking exactly what you want.

  • Email support
  • Phone support

The only system that tracks leads 100% correct. Also well-suited for companies that sell services with long decision-making processes, and several steps between soft and hard conversions.

– Nina Hølke CEO Ko & Co

We are extremely pleased with having Digger integrated with our CRM-system to access additional features of the digital marketing software that has already boosted the number of firm leads. Having solved our marketing-related GDPR issues at the same time is a great relief.

– Lars Darvall CEO Finepart Sweden AB

Ready for a demo?

During a demo, we will answer any of your questions and show you how Digtective tracks your conversions across all channels, server-side, how to optimize your ad spend, and report across your channels, website, and order management system.

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