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How IOS 14.5 ATT impacts Facebook Ads & attribution

How iOS 14.5Facebook Ads

How IOS 14.5 ATT impacts Facebook Ads & attribution

Yann A. Skaalen

Yann A. Skaalen

3-4 min read

How iOS 14.5Facebook Ads

Apple Release Of iOS 14.5 with App Tracking Transparency (ATT)

On Monday april 26th., 2021 Apple released an update to their operating system for mobile devices called iOS 14.5. It’s the first iOS version that will enforce Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policies, which will do two major things:

  • Help Apple users be more in control of when and with whom they share their browsing data with
  • Significantly impact how marketers measure mobile ad performance moving forward.

Apple’s mail will block invisible email trackers

Apple Putting a Stop to Email Tracking Pixels With Mail Privacy Protection in iOS 15 and macOS Monterey.

When enabled, Mail Privacy Protection hides your IP address and loads all remote content privately in the background, routing it through multiple proxy services and randomly assigning an IP address.

…and Google May Follow in Apple’s Footsteps

A Google spokesperson confirmed that Google is indeed considering similar features for blocking IP addresses.


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