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About Us

Building The Future Of Cookieless Tracking and reducing your cost per lead

Digtective was established in 2017 by our founder and CEO Yann A. Skaalen.

The goal was to create an accurate and compliant conversion tracking platform. Yann has always had a big interest in solving different pain-points in the market which is one of the reasons digtective was born.


From Yann’s previous experiences with founding a mortgage broker (Finansa AS) as well as co-founding a bank (MyBank), he has gained a lot of experience of the many issues that conversion tracking and lead generation can generate.

Digtective was therefore started with the goal to solve these issues while simultaneously being compliant with regulations such as GDPR and ePrivacy.

The NEW Generation Of Cookieless Conversion Tracking

We are all increasingly concerned with our data privacy, and web analytics that relies on third-party cookies will not be able to comply with privacy regulations.


Digtective exists to provide our customers with the most accurate conversion tracking, one place for all marketing data, and provide a solution that protects our customers against an unintentional collection of privacy data.

Digtective platform was first created in 1999 to solve a business challenge back in the days before web analytics was created. Nothing was available, so we had to create our own web analytics. in 2003 it was sold to another company. Digtective was however restarted in 2017 and the platform has since been steadily developed to the solution it is today. An easy-to-use solution to optimizing advertising spend, the third-party cookie challenge, and a marketing data integration tool, compliant with global privacy data regulations.

About The “Diggers”

Our platform is called “Digger” and as "Diggers" we obviously like data! We are also really into solving big challenges, like the global third-party cookie challenge for businesses that depend on digital marketing for lead generation, sales, and growth.

We are a combination of Norwegians and Swedes with a tracking and digital marketing geeky side, made possible by our excellent developers.


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