Optimize Your Advertising &
Reduce Your Cost Per Sale

Eliminate wasted ad spend using 100% accurate, cookieless tracking.

Recognize and terminate all non-profitable ads, so you can reallocate resources to winning campaigns.

Compliant with GDPR, ePrivacy and CCPA.  

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The missing piece in your marketing puzzle!

Don’t stop at cost per lead (CPL) when the real value is found in cost per sale (CPS). Digtective helps you capture conversions on your website, payment platform & offline CRM orders.

Some figures on what we have measured to now

Total Attributed Leads
Number of Ads Tracked
Attributed Leads last 12 months

Quickly Connect Digtective to Your Current Setup

Install Digtective and connect it directly to your existing CRM-system and order management platforms. 

We will carefully take you through the entire process to set up your first campaigns and make sure you understand the process of tracking what matters. 

  • Integrates with all major advertising platforms 
  • Email and phone support available 
  • Updated product documentation 

We are extremely pleased with having Digger integrated with our CRM-system.

– Lars Darvall, CEO – Finepart Sweden AB
digtective cookieless tracking
digtective Reporting

Full Visibility of Your Ads’ Performance in One Place 

At a glance view into the performance of all your digital marketing channels in one dashboard.  

See which channels, campaigns, and ads generate positive return on investment (ROI) instantly. Digtective covers all your channels, allowing you to spend time optimizing your campaigns and ad spending. 

  • All your tracking data in one easy-to-use dashboard 
  • Export reports to Excel or Google Data Studio  
  • Send the data where you need it with our API 

The only system that tracks leads 100% correctly.

– Nina Hølke, CEO – Ko & Co

Optimize Your Advertising for Profitable Growth 

Fine-tune your campaigns according to the ads and channels that have the best conversion rates. 

Reduce your wasted ad spend by identifying ads that lose money and reallocate your marketing budget to your profitable ads. Only spend money where it’s worth spending money. 

  • Identify and eliminate wasted ad spend 
  • Reallocate budget to profitable campaigns 
  • Lower your cost per lead and cost per sale 

By using the “Digtective” method for twelve months we achieved extraordinary results.
Here are some figures:
– Increased number of leads by 84%
– Reduced price per lead by 86%
– Reduced cost per paid-out loan by 86%

– Mehran Zareie, Founder & Partner – Zen Finans
digtective ad spend dashboard

We integrate with POPULAR CRM, order management SYSTEMS and ad platforms

Integration to facebook ad manager
Integration to Google Ads
Integration to Hubspot CRM
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GDPR, ePrivacy and CCPA Compliant Analytics Data

⚠️ Unintended collection of privacy data represents a major risk of big fines of up to 4% of a company’s annual revenue.

Eliminate the risk of collection of privacy data in your analytics data and start promoting your business as a protector of privacy.

Having solved our marketing-related GDPR issues at the same time is a great relief.

– Lars Darvall, CEO – Finepart Sweden AB
GDPR CCPA e-Privacy kompatibel webanalys - DIgtective