Multi-channel conversion tracking tool

See where you lose and where you make money from all your digital marketing channels, including social media, e-mail, Google and digital ads.

Optimize your digital marketing budget

Digger by Digtective is the only tracking tool that tracks all your conversions, even the delayed ones, and links all your digital marketing in one place! You can continuously see if your ads are earning or losing money, and adjust accordingly. With Digger you will optimize your company’s digital marketing budget in one simple tracking tool.

How it works


1. Connect

Install Digger, and if desired, link it directly with your existing CRM system.
Don’t worry, we customize it for you.


2. Monitor

Get important insight of the performance of all your digital marketing channels in one place.
Cut your expensive agency bills.


3. Adjust

Tune your campaigns according to which ads and channels that has the best conversion rates.
Only spend money where it’s worth spending money.


4. Perform

Track the whole customer journey system independent from first meeting point to conversion, and optimize your results.
Know your customers’ pattern of behaviour to increase sales.