Ad conversion – cookieless tracking

Measure what matters – Digtective is the missing piece in your marketing puzzle.

Optimize your digital marketing, measure what matters and stay compliant

Digtective is the only tracking tool that tracks all your ad conversions, even the offline ones, and lets you see all your digital marketing in just one dashboard! Digtective neither stores any client data nor uses cookies or fingerprinting, leaving all conversion tracking 100% anonymous and 100% GDPR / e-Privacy compliant.

You can continuously see if your ads are earning money, or more importantly, losing money, and adjust accordingly. Nurture the ads that give you revenue. However, never forget to cut the ones that don`t, this is where the big savings can be made! Optimize your company’s digital marketing budget with one simple tracking tool – Digtective.


Install Digtective, and connect it directly with your existing CRM-system.
Don’t worry, we will help you implement it.


Get important insight of the performance of all your digital marketing channels in one place.
Cut your expensive agency bills.


Tune your campaigns according to the ads and channels that has the best conversion rates.
Only spend money where it’s worth spending money.


Now you can measure what matters and spend money on ads that actually work, eliminating all that doesn’t!
Nurture the ads that give you revenue, but never forget to cut the ones that doesn’t!


Digtective is the only tool we need. The dashboard enables us to adjust ads and campaigns based on real-time ROI calculations. No more excel sheets with out-of-date information and guesswork.

– Vegard Stenberg CMO Uno Finans

The only system that tracks leads 100% correct. Also well-suited for companies that sell services with long decision-making processes, and several steps between soft and hard conversions.

– Nina Hølke CEO Ko & Co

We are extremely pleased with having Digger integrated with our CRM-system to access additional features of the digital marketing software that has already boosted the number of firm leads. Having solved our marketing-related GDPR issues at the same time is a great relief.

– Lars Darvall CEO Finepart Sweden AB

The easiest and best way to keep track of our ad spending, and with better data than we get in Analytics. What’s not to like?

– Jakob Bronebakk CEO Mybank ASA

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