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Are your conversions counted accurately?


Meet Digger Lite

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The Missing Piece In Your Marketing Puzzle!

All your data in ONE place for easy ad spend optimization

missing piece of the puzzle missing piece of the puzzle

Digger puts your numbers right where you need them.

Digger allows you to see your advertising spend, lead value and generated income in a single dashboard, including access to the key elements of your adverts. You can stop unprofitable ads right there in the dashboard - which you can, of course, easily customise with drag-and-drop functionality, or drill down to the tracking sources you are most interested in.

Digger helps grow your business, whatever your size

You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Cut down on wasted ad spend by actively identifying ineffective ads and stopping them directly from our dashboard.


Stop, Reallocate and Grow


Efficient Ad Spend Management


All Ad Details in One Page

Discover the power of Digtective in revolutionizing your ad performance.

Accurate conversion tracking.

This means we can measure the success of each campaign, allowing us to understand precisely how each ad contributes to your outcomes, whether it's generating sales, driving sign-ups, or encouraging clicks.


Compliant and cookieless tracking.

Our tracking system is not only accurate down to every individual ad but is also GDPR compliant and cookieless. This means we prioritize user privacy and adhere to all relevant regulations while still providing detailed insights into the performance of your campaigns.


Everything on one dashboard.

All the valuable data is presented on a single dashboard for your convenience. This means you can effortlessly access and analyze the performance of each campaign in one centralized location.


Track offline conversions.

Our advertising tracking now includes the ability to seamlessly track offline conversions without any time limit. This ensures a comprehensive view of customer interactions.


Increase your company’s growth.

In addition to the tools we provide, Digtective or one of our partners can help you to uncover valuable insights and opportunities. See one of our testimonials for how we can enhance your advertising performance and boost your business growth.


Optimize your AI on accurate numbers.

Our tracking system has been optimized for accuracy, unlike cookie-based tools which can miss as many as 30% of conversions. This is essential for correctly training your AI.

This is how many attributed leads we have tracked so far.

Total Attributed Leads

Our customers keep talking

Listen to what they say about our product offering right here.

“Having solved our marketing-related GDPR issues at the same time is a great relief.”

Lars Darvall

CEO of Finepart Sweden AB

author image

“With Digger we can stop unprofitable ads immediately and spend the money on ads that are profitable.”

author image

Jerker Vannerus

CEO of Winefinder

“By using the “Digtective” method for twelve months we achieved extraordinary results.
Here are some figures:
– Increased number of leads by 84%
– Reduced price per lead by 86%
– Reduced cost per paid-out loan by 86%”

author image

Mehran Zareie

Founder & Partner of Zen Finans

“By using Digtective to track and report our conversion metrics to Google, we have successfully reduced our conversion costs in the Google Ads reporting tool by 79.44% within three months.”

author image

Roar Rambøl Hillestad

CEO of Eiendomsfinans

“The only system that tracks leads 100% correctly.”

Nina Hølke

CEO of KO & Co

author image

“We are extremely pleased with having Digtective integrated with in our CRM - system.”

author image

Lars Darvall

CEO of Finepart Sweden AB

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Ad Attribution

Strategic attribution is the compass guiding your advertising journey.

Pinpoint the stellar performers among your ad campaigns, directing your efforts towards the most lucrative marketing channels. Uncover the true impact of your investments, showcasing ROI triumphs and unlocking the full potential of your revenue stream through astute ad attribution.

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Ad Management

Welcome to your digital ad control hub, crafted to empower you with precise insights from your advertising endeavors.

Make informed decisions with confidence, fine-tune your ads for optimal performance, and propel your business growth through strategic optimization, all while maximizing your return on investment.

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Conversion API

Elevate your ad platform's conversion optimization with seamless integration of precise data from Digtective.

Transmit this valuable information back to the native ad platform, igniting a significant boost in your ad's Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Transform data into actionable insights for unparalleled campaign success.

Find out more

We Integrate With Popular Customer Relationship Management, Order Management Systems And Ad Platforms

In today’s increasingly competitive market, there is a growing challenge of high advertising costs coupled with declining conversion rates. Digtective’s integration with different CRM offers deep insights into your marketing efforts into a single easy-to-use dashboard.

Find out more
General Data Protection Regulation, ePrivacy and CCPA Compliant Analytics Data

⚠️ Unintended collection of privacy data represents a major risk of big fines of up to 4% of a company’s annual revenue. Eliminate the risk of collection of privacy data in your analytics data and start promoting your business as a protector of privacy.

gdpr-ccpa rusted-eprivacy
Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to implement Digtective?

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This depends on the tech platform, get in touch to learn more.

How is Digtective compliant with GDPR?

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Our tool Digger does not store any personal data, nor does it use any cookies.

How can Digtective help my company?

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Digtective will provide you with a GDPR-compliant and cookieless conversion tracking tool that gives you the accurate figures. Get an insight of your advertising performance down to every individual ad and identify the winners and losers. Optimize your advertising by cutting all your unprofitable ads while simultaneously reallocating the ad spend to the ads that do work. This will increase your profit and decrease your wasted ad spend, helping your company grow!

Which advertising-channels can Digtective track?

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Digtective can track all your leads, it also has finished API-solutions with Google, Meta and Bing.

Can Digtective track sales cycles that are longer than 90 days?

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Yes it can! Digtective does not have a limitation on how long of a sales cycle it can track since we are not storing any personal data.

What is your refund policy?

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If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, email us at within 30 days and we will refund you in full, no questions asked.

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