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Digger Pro

Precision In Tracking, Excellence In Conversion.

Sources that Digger Pro Tracks

Our app meticulously tracks various sources to enhance your experience. These sources include popular platforms like Facebook, Bing, and Google, ensuring that you stay informed and engaged. We also track Online Content, Affiliates, Adtraction, and Newsletter sources, providing comprehensive insights into your interactions. Additionally, we track activity from Direct sources, allowing us to offer a holistic view of your user journey. Trust us to keep you connected and informed through our robust source tracking capabilities.


Stop, Reallocate and Grow


Efficient Ad Spend Management


All Ad Details in One Page


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GDPR Compliant

Digger Pro is not just another product; it's a GDPR-compliant solution that sets us apart from the competition. In an era where data privacy is non-negotiable, we recognize the responsibility we hold in handling your clients information securely.


Customer Relationship Manager

Connected to HubSpot for a seamless synergy between your data and insights.

Ad Attribution

Strategic attribution is the compass guiding your advertising journey.

Pinpoint the stellar performers among your ad campaigns, directing your efforts towards the most lucrative marketing channels. Uncover the true impact of your investments, showcasing ROI triumphs and unlocking the full potential of your revenue stream through astute ad attribution.

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Ad Management

Welcome to your digital ad control hub, crafted to empower you with precise insights from your advertising endeavors.

Make informed decisions with confidence, fine-tune your ads for optimal performance, and propel your business growth through strategic optimization, all while maximizing your return on investment.

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