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Case Privatmegleren



Norwegian real-estate agency with +70 local offices


Full transparency of digital marketing effectiveness

Privatmegleren is a real-estate agency with more than 70 local offices in Norway.
Prospective sellers can, via the website, request a valuation of their property. Prospective buyers can also request a tour of properties, or signup for receiving information on properties that match their desires.
Ko & Co is an advertising and media agency that helps customers like Privatmegleren drive growth in leads and sales.

“The only system that tracks leads 100% correct. Also well-suited for companies that sell services with long decision-making processes, and several steps between soft and hard conversions.”

— Nina Hølke, CEO Ko & Co


The data privacy measure impact on conversion attribution.

To better control and optimize the marketing effectiveness and achieve growth targets, Privatmegleren needed a conversion measurement solution that would be able to track and report on the marketing effectiveness for “prospective sellers” and “prospective buyers”, respectively, and for each of the 70+ local office locations.

Costly and time-consuming data collection and reporting

Secondly the solution should help eliminate the hours of manual data collection and reporting needed to deliver reporting for each office location.


Accurate and actionable data and reporting for better marketing effectiveness

With Digtective’s cookieless tracking solution, Privatmegleren is now able to accurately attribute any type of conversion on the website, to any marketing activity, for each individual office location. This means that Privatmegleren is now able to control and optimize marketing effectiveness for each of the +70 local offices, and more effectively control and reach the growth targets.


Full visibility of the effect of all digital marketing activities, across all channels and media on both new “seller” and “buyer” leads.

Better able to see which media spend that drives sales and growth, which activities to optimize, and which should be stopped.

Able to see the effect of marketing activities and media spend on leads, for each individual office location.

Automated data collection & reporting

Because Digtective collects data directly from both advertising channels, website conversions, and the CRM system, this has eliminated hours of manual data collection and provided individual and automated reporting for each of the 70+ office locations across the country.
The reporting solves a major challenge of being able to show marketing effectiveness for each type of leads for each individual office location, something that was not possible before.


Before DigtectiveWith Digtective
Loss of conversion data attribution reduced the insight and control of the effectiveness of marketing spend and activities.Control of lead attribution across all channels, media, and single ads, has provided the needed insight to which media advertising that drives growth and deliver higher value and growth.
Analytics solution was not able to separately measure the marketing effectiveness for different conversion types per office location.Complete transparency and control of marketing efficiency for each office location and separate for “sellers” and “buyers”.
Time consuming data collection and reporting on across 70+ local officesAll digital marketing data in one place to facilitate automated reporting in Google Data Studio.

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