Nordic eCommerce continues to grow sharply

The Nordic countries combined made online purchases worth 10 billion €, of which more than 40 percent comes from the Swedish consumer (4.12 billion €), followed by Denmark (2.49 billion €), Norway (2.24 billion €), and finally Finland (1.22 billion €). This can be studied in the informative PostNord e-commerce report.

It is, therefore, becoming increasingly important to take control of the customer journey from digital ad to business.

Most companies now have a good understanding of the different digital channels as well as insights on how important it is to have the right message, the right supply chain, and the importance of being able to offer flexible payment methods. There is also the growing importance of content management on your e-Commerce web page in order to make your online shop a place of learning and/or customer experience.

But it’s very easy to become blind to the cost of digital marketing. As more companies compete for the premium first position in SEM, the higher the cost will be in the future for Google Ads and banners in popular channels.
Therefore, Digtective AB has developed the web analytics tool DIGGER that focuses on net profitability of all your digital marketing, i.e. the cost of advertising compared to revenue, and this Digtective AB can measure all the way down to a single ad or message.

It is important to act quickly when the indication is that the costs do not match the effect. Demographics, customer behavior, and other soft customer values are interesting information, but we should never forget that ultimately business is all about being profitable.

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