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Digger Lite

Precision In Tracking, Excellence In Conversion.

Are your conversions counted accurately?

Probably not. Cookie-based analytics solutions can miss anything from 20 % to 50% of your actual conversions, depending on how many users either deny cookie consent or are using iOS 14.5 or greater. If you’re going to make business decisions on the basis of your conversion data, it needs to be complete and accurate.

Welcome to cookieless tracking.

Digger Lite takes the complete accuracy of our conversion tracking, and feeds it back to your existing analytics solution. That way, you can make marketing decisions based on the correct data, while staying in the tool you know and love.


Stop, Reallocate and Grow


Efficient Ad Spend Management


All Ad Details in One Page


No need for Facebook pixel or GA4

By choosing Digger Lite, you eliminate compliance risk associated with non-GDPR compliant tools. Say goodbye to reliance on external tools like Facebook Pixel or GA4. Enjoy the efficiency of robust data analytics without compromising on privacy.


GDPR compliant

Digger Lite is not just another product; it's a GDPR-compliant solution that sets us apart from the competition. In an era where data privacy is non-negotiable, we recognize the responsibility we hold in handling your clients information securely.


No Data Transfer Without Consent

In today's digital landscape, respecting user consent is not just a best practice: it's a requirement. Digger Lite takes this principle seriously, ensuring that no data is transferred before consent is given by the customer. This unique feature sets us apart, guaranteeing that your company operates within the bounds of privacy regulations.


What are you feeding your AI?

Machine learning algorithms are only as good as the data they are trained on. If your analytics tool is missing 30% of your conversions, can your AI really optimize your advertising? How much better would it be with the correct data? Digtective Lite allows you to feed your robots high-quality conversion data, and costs less than the compute runs you'll use to retrain them.


Privacy Policy Alignment

Digger Lite operates with a commitment to user privacy and GDPR compliance. To ensure complete transparency with your customers, we recommend updating your Privacy Policy in your WebPage to reflect the integration of Digger Lite into your data handling practices.


Why a DPA Matters for Digger Lite

A DPA is not just a formality, it's a legal requirement. By formalizing the data processing relationship through a DPA, we collectively mitigate risks associated with data handling. With a DPA in place, you can have confidence in our collaboration.

Conversion API

Elevate your ad platform's conversion optimization with seamless integration of precise data from Digtective.

Transmit this valuable information back to the native ad platform, igniting a significant boost in your ad's Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

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