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Elevate Your Business with Digtective Google Ads Integration and more

Accurate Server-Side Tracking for Google Ads

Integrate Digtective with Google Ads to get the most accurate data on your advertising performance. Fully compliant with GDPR & ePrivacy.

In today’s increasingly competitive market, there is a growing challenge of high advertising costs coupled with declining conversion rates. Cost per lead for Google Ads alone has gone up in 21 out of 23 industries year over year, according to a report by Wordstream.

Digtective’s integration with Google Ads offers deep insights into your marketing efforts into a single easy-to-use dashboard.

Manage Your Google Ads Campaigns with Digtective’s Smart Optimizer

Start and stop ads directly from the Digtective dashboard. With our Google Ads integration, you can start and stop ads directly from the tracking tool’s dashboard. No more need to switch between multiple platforms. Saving time and effort is just as important as saving money.

Accurately tracking your advertising performance is no longer optional. You need to understand your numbers such as cost per lead, customer acquisition cost, gross profit, and return on ad spend, to make the most of your advertising budget.

How Digtective works with Google Ads

Step 1

Setup Digtective into your current CRM or CMS tech stack without full support.

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Step 2

Configure the Dynamic Tracking Codes within your Google Ads account.

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Step 3

Start optimizing your campaigns with accurate tracking and automations.

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Digtective – Magento (Adobe Commerce) Integration

With Digtective’s easy-to-install ad tracking extension for Magento, you can tie every revenue dollar to the individual ad that originated the sale.

Optimize Your Store’s Advertising Spend with Digtective’s Ad Tracking Extension

You’re probably aware advertising costs are going up by 20-40% every year across all industries. Coupled with falling conversion rates and increased competition, it’s harder than ever to advertise profitability on major ad platforms.

Digtective’s integration with Magento through its native Digger Tracking extension makes it easy to see how many sales resulted (or not) from each individual ad in your accounts. Allowing you to track conversions accurately and shift advertising dollars to your money-making campaigns.

How Digtective works with Magento (Adobe Commerce)

Step 1

Download and install the Digger Tracking extension into your Magento store.

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Step 2

Configure the API token and tracking code within your account.

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Step 3

Connect your ad accounts to Digtective and optimize your campaigns.

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Increase your return on ad spend with Digtective

If your store needs an easy way to track advertising performance, Digtective might be a fit for you.


With our direct Google Ads Integration and fully supported onboarding process, you can start optimizing your advertising for profitable growth immediately.

Get all your marketing tracking data in one easy-to-use dashboard and fine-tune your campaigns using accurate numbers.

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