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Offline conversions tracking for Google Ads

February 3, 2022 by Yann A. Skaalen

What is an offline conversion?

An offline conversion is a transaction that does not happen instantly, some also call it a delayed transaction.

A couple of examples:

What all of the transactions above have incommon is that they all are posted mail or an API to a CRM or handling system the customer uses. For banks they are moved into their coresystem where tracking is almost impossible. Medical surgery have their own systems that are not online for the customers safety.

So what kind of figures do they track?

In most cases they are using Google analytics and look at the figures for form submissions.

Data quality

Then you have trouble with your statistics, they all show different numbers.

Google Ads have one number and Google Analytics has another then you check your CRM, a third set of numbers appear. Which numbers do you report to your leader?

Tracking system Number of conversions
Google Ads 103,10
Google Analytics 109
Digtective/CRM 116

The end of third-party cookies

Now you have even more challenges, how do you get your conversions data?

Case for offline conversion tracking

This customer is a consumer finance broker, they receive an application from their form on their webpage and send it to 8 different banks through an API, this is where we can say they are creating an offline conversion.