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How Zen Finans Reduced Cost per Lead by 86% with Digtective

Zen Finans

Learn how Zen Finans, a loan brokering business, used the Digtective tracking platform to go from startup to high-growth company by increasing volume and profitability simultaneously.


Zen Finans was established in 2018 with the aim of helping consumers gain full control of their finances. As an independent banking partner, Zen Finans helps consumers submit their loan applications to several banks and find the best offer available on the market.

Company: Zen Finans

Industry: Financial services

Team size: 10-20

Country: Norway


To become a trustworthy bridge between consumers and banks, they needed to attract the right clients at the right time. For that purpose, they brought on Stian Hexeberg to take over the marketing initiatives and it immediately paid off.

Leads started flowing in, applications filled out, but they still had one issue. No platform in their tool stack was able to pinpoint which ads were producing these leads. Their efforts were scattered. They had no way to scale, because they couldn’t identify which campaigns worked (to ramp-up) and which didn’t (to turn off).

We didn’t know where to spend our money to get the most out of our advertising.

– Mehran Zareie, Founder & Partner

Selecting The Right Tool For The Job.


Google Analytics couldn’t help them identify where paid out loans were coming from. Offline conversions are hard to track for even the most advanced tracking tools.

It was impossible to see where leads were coming in from. We had to do everything on gut feeling.

– Stian Hexeberg, CMO


Stian had used several tracking solutions over the years. He found all of them to be overly complicated, inaccurate, and hard to implement for long sales cycles. In contrast, Digtective solved all of these problems and could provide the marketing insights they needed to make profitable decisions.

After meeting with Digtective’s founder, Yann Skaalen (formerly founded Finansa and MyBank), who showed them how they could leverage the platform even more than they believed, Stian and the team decided to go all-in.


To get the most out of the product, the Zen Finans team took full advantage of Digtective’s support throughout the initial setup for in-depth strategic and technical guidance.

The advanced tracking functionality made Digtective a perfect option for Zen Finans’ executive and management team due to the degree of visibility they got into their spending. They could now see down to the penny where the budget was being spent and where it made sense to allocate more resources.

Kind of unbelievable… seeing how much money we spend and make on each ad.

– Mehran Zareie, Founder & Partner


They discovered that some of the ads they thought worked best didn’t perform as well, and some of the overlooked campaigns worked remarkably. They were now able to turn off nonprofitable ads before putting in too many resources.

Digtective lets us see what ads are losing money and what ads are giving us the most return.

– Stian Hexeberg, CMO

As a founding partner and key decision maker, Mehran used the data to make a compelling argument to the board for the campaigns that were not as profitable but provided a lot of income and loan volume.

Within a few months they learned that their core business was coming from a different segment. The ability to adapt quickly and capitalize on the opportunity was made available by the data they now possessed.

With the data and support available to them on the Digtective platform, within twelve months, the team at Zen Finans succeeded to:

– Increase number of leads by 84%
– Reduce price per lead by 86%
– Reduce cost per paid-out loan by 86%

Case study graphs


Mehran, Stian, and the entire team at Zen Finans continue to work on improving these numbers. With the ability to recognize long sales cycles and track offline conversions with 100% accuracy they started to identify small process inefficiencies, that once fixed will result in a faster turnover in paid-out loans.

I don’t understand why every business isn’t using Digtective.

– Mehran Zareie, Founder & Partner

While EU privacy regulations get stricter, Digtective is helping them trace every customer down to the ad without breaking any GDRP, CCPA or ePrivacy laws. This keeps their ad accounts in good standing and while allowing them and their partners to stay fully compliant.


If you’re not measuring your return on ad spend, tracking your cost per sale, and cutting non-profitable ads, you are limiting your growth potential. Fixing this one thing could easily turn your marketing into your biggest competitive advantage.

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We are fortunate to work with some of the best companies in Europe. Zen Finans definitely fits that mold.

– Yann Skaalen, Founder @ Digtective