Are you a conversionista or a moneyista?

Let´s take a look at a salesperson. The manager will look at how many customer contacts taken and at the number of meetings, but in the end of the day it’s about actual sales and net profit.

In some companies, far from all, customer behavior seems to be the holy grail. Of course, this does not apply to your company? Attribution, bounce rate, heat map etc. is the focus. Let´s compare that to a sales person’s daily life.

  • The number of phone calls that are dead (bounce rate)?
  • How many phone calls became a business meeting (conversions)?
  • Which people or channels did the sales person use to find his customer (attribution)?

If sales management primarily focused on those aspects, I do believe that sales could be reasonable because they lead the way to customers. We all know that in traditional and in digital sales, they also are a part of the mix. But actual sales are king.

On the other hand, if management would only focus on sales figures and not support sales, a lot of business would be lost.

Understanding the customer and it´s journey is of cause paramount, but so is also results.

The heart of the matter is that we believe that a better balance between behavior analysis and sales focus is needed.

However, technologies that changed the human landscape is nothing new. The printing press, steam, electricity, and IT just to mention a few and of course the internet.

It is how we use the invention and that in turn hinges on our understanding. During our life time the advent of IT and PC is something we have in common, so I will use that to illustrate my point. In the beginning of the PC revolution focus was on the tech and just figuring out how to use it (Mac excluded). IT guys and gals fixed our problems and maintained the systems. Seldom did they or the organization at large see IT as a business enabler and perhaps it is just now that we are beginning to have a broad business understanding, connecting tech with business.

I bet that almost all of earlier inventions had a phase when the inventions technological aspects were in focus, how to run and maintain it and with time people and organizations started to use it as an everyday tool for achievement.

At the heart of the matter lies a new exciting technology that needs to be mastered and, in that process, people tend to focus on different aspects depending on their interests and skill set. Some push it away and employ someone else to manage the new situation.

Leadership is key, don’t make a new company culture happen just because it is convenient, or because the leadership haven’t grasped or bothered to understand what is going. Potentially a new culture could emerge with a serious case of business myopia.

What Digtective would like to contribute in this brave new world is sales focus, in our office we use to say: “Show me the money” we can calculate a net profit figure from cross platform sales and marketing activities using all information from CRM and ERP systems to find out the actual correct net profit. From Google ad, You tube, Facebook to even phone calls with 100% correct data.

In short; we will show you the money but don’t forget about the rest.

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