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Benefits and Features of Digtective

Conversion Tracking & Data Integration all in ONE

You will, with the help of Digtective, get all the features you need for accurate conversion tracking of your ad spend as well as automated data collection for easy and automated reporting.


Optimize Your Ad Spend & Scale Your Growth

ONE simple dashboard to see the ads that lose and make money. Cut the wasted ad spend and invest it in the winners to scale your growth.


Cookieless Server-Side Tracking

Our server-side-tracking helps you retain 100% accuracy in your ad conversion tracking and eliminates the 3rd party cookie challenge.


GDPR, CCPA & ePrivacy Compliant

Eliminate the risk of collecting privacy data in your analytics, save the penalty fees, and start promoting your data privacy.


All Your Marketing Data In ONE Place

No more data collection, set up the reports you always wanted and measure with the true metrics of business growth.


Service-Side-Tracking & Data Accuracy

Eliminate the problem with lost data due to cookie banners etc, with the help of Digtective. This is no longer a problem thanks to Digtective’s use of an unique tracking ID resulting in 100% accurate data.


Get 100% accurate data with the help of Digtective!

  • Gain accurate ad conversion data and the ability to attribute your revenue to any of your ads
  • With the unique tracking ID you can track any campaign; PPC, affiliate, organic and social.

Online & Offline Conversion Tracking

We are all increasingly concerned with our data privacy, and web analytics that relies on third-party cookies will not be able to comply with privacy regulations.


Accurate tracking of all your online and offline conversions!

Automated tracking of sales from your CRM, order management system, or check out flow. Digtective integrates with popular CRMs and order management systems, to collect sales data on your pipeline conversions, changes in contract value and customer refunds.

  • Accurate tracking of online and offline conversions.

All Your Data In ONE Place For Real Time Profitability Reporting

Digtective collects your ad spend, conversions and revenue data so you can see what really drives your growth and reallocate your marketing budget to the campaigns that perform the best.

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Optimize your ad spend – Increase your growth with the help of Digtective!

All your marketing data in only one dashboard for easy and effective reporting. This also makes it easy to export your data to Excel, integrate it with Google Data Studio or your own data-warehouse.

Don’t waste your time, Digtective shows you all your data in only ONE dashboard!

  • Automatic collection of ad spend
  • Data on customer acquisition cost and campaign profitability
  • ONE easy dashboard to see which ads deliver the sales
  • Export data for reporting in Excel
  • Use our API for reporting in Google Data Studio or import data to your data-warehouse.
GDPR, CCPA and e-Privacy Compliant
Stay compliant and protect your customers' privacy!

Privacy is a big issue with big consequences. Stay compliant with GDPR, ePrivacy and CCPA in your tracking by using Digtective.

Digtective does not collect any privacy data which means you have eliminated a major risk of non-compliance fees.

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